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    Unlocking Your Civil Engineering Potential: Building a Career with BIM

    Wed, 29 November, 2023

    08:00pm IST Onwards

Upcoming Episodes

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29 Nov
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08:00 - 09:30 PM IST

Unlocking Your Civil Engineering Potential: Building a Career with BIM

Group 27860
Arunkumar Shambu

BIM Specialist

Past Events

algorith -2-1
09 NovTHU

Designing with Algorithms: How Architects Can Become Programmers

Praneet Mathur-2-1
Praneet Mathur

Architect & Software Developer for AEC

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07 OctSAT

The 3 W's of BIM Every Civil Engineer Should Know.

Group 27853 (1)-1-1
Rachit Aggarwal

BIM Manager

Webinar 05-2
14 AugMON

Ep.05 How To Land Your Dream Job At Top Architecture Firms In The World?

1-Aug-17-2023-05-26-33-2949-AM 2-Aug-17-2023-05-27-06-5421-AM
CD career roadmap (2)-1
20 JulMON

Ep.04 Understand The Career Roadmap Of A Parametric/ Computational/ Sustainable Architect

Headshots All 2-3-1
Tarang Gupta

Computational Design Specialist

Webinar 03-3
03 JulMON

Ep.03 How BIM And Computational Design Can Skyrocket Your Architectural Career

Headshots All 1-2-1 Headshots All 2-1
Webinar 02-Jun-27-2023-05-37-16-4877-AM
26 JunMON

Ep.02 Know What Architects Can Do After B.Arch - Work, Masters, Upskilling.

Rahul Grover

Senior Building Physics and Sustainability Engineer

Webinar 01-3
19 JunMON

Ep.01 The Future of Architectural Careers in the Changing AEC Industry

HK circle-2-1 Anuj Mehta-1-1 shanshank

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