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Building a rewarding career in AEC is tough.

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If you're an experienced AEC professional, you'd agree that our industry often seems more keen on weeding people out than keeping them in. For many young graduates, an intellectually and financially rewarding career seems like a distant dream. But with the right mentorship and career guidance, all that can change. Come join us in empowering the next generation with tech-first skills and real-world knowledge.

Why teach with us

Join our mission of bridging the skill gap in AEC.

Self Growth

Learn while you teach

Further build your expertise through research and development of a continually evolving, industry-relevant curriculum.

Learn while you teach at Novatr

International networking

Access a global community of top professionals from 12+ countries.

Always stay abreast

All our courses are regularly updated to keep pace with the industry.

Global Reach

Build your brand

Get recognition for your breadth of industry knowledge. Leverage your expertise to create value for yourself.

Build your brand at Novatr

Ease of mentoring

Keep track of your sessions and course material all in one place for a seamless, hassle-free experience.

Mentor easily at Novatr

Efficient management

All your teaching and workflow needs managed in one place.

Teaching material

Get resources to streamline your lesson planning and preparation.


Assess learner performance and growth from a single dashboard.


Enjoy an
enriching experience.


Fits your schedule

Dedicate 6–8 hours a week.


Remote friendly

Teach flexibly from anywhere in the world.


Get rewarded for inspiring

Earn up to USD 40K per year for gratifying work.


Fits your schedule

Dedicate 6–8 hours a week.


Remote friendly

Teach flexibly from anywhere in the world.


Get rewarded for inspiring

Earn up to USD 40K per year for gratifying work.

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Step 2
Profile review

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Step 3
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Mentor Voices

Hear our mentors talk about their teaching journeys.


Richard Stewart

Senior BIM Manager
Mentor @ Novatr
Mentor @ Novatr

I am proud to be part of an organization championing the digital transformation in AEC and empowering professionals to seize career opportunities and drive innovation. Our global community of 2000+ showcases our drive.


Afshan Rehman

Sustainability Project Manager at TLP
Mentor @ Novatr
Mentor @ Novatr

I always knew I wanted to do sustainability but I was lost. I tried various online courses and certifications, couldn’t find the right mentors. When I heard of Novatr, I knew that this is what I was looking for, all those years ago.


Hayfa Shabir

BIM Architect
Mentor @ Novatr
Mentor @ Novatr

As a young BIM Industry Guide, this has tremendously sharpened my skills and helped me develop confidence. It made me realise the importance of a mentor in a learner's life and the responsibility that comes with it.


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