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Novatr graduates make for excellent recruits!


Highly skilled and job ready

Our candidates undergo intensive learning informed by an industry-vetted curriculum that includes all major software and workflows.


Equipped with project experience

All candidates have hands-on experience working on a real-world AEC project based in the US, Hong Kong or Portugal.


Trained by industry experts

An international panel of experts from the world’s leading AECO companies serves as mentors to our learners.


Highly skilled and job ready


Equipped with project experience


Trained by industry experts

AECO currently suffers from an enormous talent gap..

90 Days

Is the average time AEC companies spend in finding the right candidate.

₹ 700K

Is the average cost incurred in training each new recruit with relevant skills.

All because truly skilled architects and engineers are rare to find!

We make things easier

by providing highly skilled architects, engineers, and construction professionals at zero cost.

Save time, money, and resources on recruitment.

Why Hire From Us

Novatr’s talent could be your smartest investment.

Skilled Professionals

Unlimited access to a focused pool of skilled professionals

With our large number of graduates and customised candidate referrals to suit your unique hiring requirements, you’ll never run short of talent.

Unlimited access at Novatr
Placement Portal

Easy hiring with our placements portal

Track your application data and manage interview schedules all in one place for a seamless, hassle-free experience.

Easy Hiring at Novatr
Informed Hiring

Detailed skill maps and competancy reports

Make evidence-based hiring decisions enabled by data analytics on candidates' core skills and abilities.

Detailed skill maps and competency reports at Novatr

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Close your vacancies at zero cost with Novatr


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We have been constantly hiring Architects & Civil Engineers from Novatr, and the constant supply of trained BIM professionals has helped us reduce our hiring time, and get better retention of talent

Harish Tripathi

Human Resource Manager

DAR Group

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Trusted by the world’s leading organisations

Virtual Building Studio
Eckersley O'Callaghan
Total Environment
dar group
The BIM Engineers
Design Plus


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