On a mission to accelerate adoption of technology in the AEC industry.


Our Purpose

Mainstream education is no match for today's fast-paced tech-revolution.

The world has much more to offer architects and engineers than age-old curriculums, outdated tech, and uninspiring jobs. It's all about empowering the community to seize the opportunities.

That’s why we created Novatr:

Where we tap into insider experience to identify relevant skills and pave a brilliant path forward for you.

Where there's access to tools, technology, industry expertise, projects and mentors to help you grow.

Where community and creativity are leveraged to design tech-first curriculums that open doors to your future.

Where the industry's inadequate standards are addressed by being the voice that advocates better for you.

“A house on the Moon in the Metaverse. Structures that defy gravity. Algorithms that give rise to cities. You can create them all. We'll show you how.”
Novatr Community


Who we are

Our founders are architects and engineers who want the next generations to have better, clearer paths for their professional lives than they had.

Harkunwar Singh - CEO
Harkunwar Singh

CEO, Goal poacher

Vipanchi Handa - COO
Vipanchi Handa

CPO, Frugal innovator

Mehul Kumar - CTO
Mehul Kumar

CTO, Deep diver

Chaithanya Murali - CMO
Chaithanya Murali

CRO, Empathetic realist

We are an unconventional tribe of technology-loving thinkers, doers, and innovators working to revolutionize the AEC industry.

Tribe at Novatr

Backed by

Powerhouse Ventures
Soma Capital


Our First Believers

We are guided by an exceptional bunch of entrepreneurs and industry disruptors who share in our vision.

Venkatesh Karnam
Venkatesh Karnam

Partner, Shiftleft Ventures
Ex Partner, Afore Capital

Amit Ranjan
Amit Ranjan

Ex Co-founder, Slideshare
Ex Architect, Digilocker

Mandeep Singh
Mandeep Singh

Ex Director, Tech Mahindra

Sumesh Menon
Sumesh Menon

Co-founder & CEO,
U2opia Mobile

Deepak Menon
Deepak Menon

Vice President, Microsoft
Ex CPO, Myntra

Varun Shoor
Varun Shoor

Founder & CEO, Kayako

How It All Began

In 2018, we were fresh out of college, excited to start our journeys as architects. Reality hit us hard when we entered the job market and realised that we hadn’t a clue about how projects were executed in the real world. Our friends, too, were stumbling around, trying to negotiate their way through a confusing industry.

To top it all off, opportunities were few and exploitation was rampant. Something didn’t sit right.

Investigation led us to conclude that the AEC space itself was extremely fragmented and a lot of it came from an inertia for embracing new technologies. Since then, we’ve been on a mission to transform the way the AEC industry operates.

We believe a new world cannot be built if talent and industries remain stuck with old tricks.

Jan 2019

Oneistox Is Born

We launched into our mission of transforming AEC education with our first series of offline workshops in design colleges across 3 Indian cities.

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Feb 2020

Going Big

With our workshops winning praise and an overwhelming number of sign-ups, we scaled to 150+ courses in 22 new institutes across 18 Indian cities.

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Sept 2021


Our mission turned into a full-fledged movement with Y-Combinator, the world's most prestigious start-up accelerator funding us.

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Nov 2021

BIM Course Launch

Our most prized offering, the online, cohort-based BIM Professional Course was launched with an expert panel of 6+ international mentors.

July 2022

100% Placements

The very first cohort of BIM graduates successfully landed 100% placements at globally-renowned AEC firms at an average pay hike of 60%.

Jan 2023

Computational Design Launch

Bringing in 20+ new international mentors, we launched the Master Computation Design Course to help architects and engineers accelerate their careers with niche skills.

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