Pangolin 1:1| Terrametric Fabrication+ Workshop

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January 28

A workshop to explore the fusion of sustainability and computation design.

The Terrametric Fabrication + workshop was an 8-day event held from 21st-28th December 2019 at the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi by Novatr. The lead mentor for the workshop was Ar. Monish Siripurapu – Director of Ant Studio and a trailblazer in the field of Sustainable computational design. The Industry partners for the workshop included Bangalore tile company, Bellisimo Solutions, UST fabricators and New Universal craft.

The 8 days of the workshop saw enthusiastic participation by students and professionals with the venue becoming a bustling arena of discussions!

An exploration of Parametricism and Sustainability


Terrametric Fabrication+ Workshop – Voice of the Tribe

Novatr,the organizer of the programme, is a collaborative platform that enables an osmosis of knowledge by providing interactive opportunities for learners, educators and industry experts through workshops in the field of design.

Terrametric Fabrication+ with its aim to integrate sustainability and parametricism is one such initiative to provide something meaningful to the industry in the current context.

As the name of the workshop suggests, it aimed to explore sustainability and computation design The word Terrametric coined by Novatr comes from the words “Terra” and “Parametric”. Terra refers to the earth and land whereas parametric refers to the process of algorithmic thinking in design.

Design: Optimise: Build

The challenge was to not only learn and explore Terrametric design but also to create and build a pavilion. The 8 days of the workshop were divided into 3 stages.

Stage 1- Computational Studies


Participants experimenting with grasshopper at School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi.

Participants focused on technical aspects of learning computational software and the design process that comes with it. The participants were divided into groups for their own explorational studies of computational forms.

One very important aspect of the workshop was to provide each participant with a space to discover their creativity and have the most immaculate learning experience. They were also witnessing to a very engaging mentoring experience. The Workshop mentor Mr.Monish Siripurapu of the Ant Studio, took the participants to the extreme lengths of emerging computational tools such as Rhino and grasshopper for the creation of their own parametric pavilion designs that were done as a team activity by the participants.

Stage 2- Optimisation


Participants experimenting with grasshopper at School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi.

This stage focused on exploring optimization. Optimization is the part wherein the designs created were looked at from a more realistic viewpoint taking into account joinery details, fabrication methods, etc.

Ar.Kartik Dondeti was brought on board for a special lecture to bring forth the importance of Data optimization. He brought to the table his own personal experiences along with sharing tips and tricks to the students.

Stage 3 – Build


Hands on work and welding

This was the most important and invigorating stage.The Novatr Pavilion Series was introduced as part of the “Build Stage”.

Pangolin 1:1 was the first project in the Novatr Parametric pavilion series created as part of the workshop to promote hands on learning and application.

A successful collaboration


Pangolin 1 :1 at SPA,Delhi

The Pavilion was a successful example of collaboration between Ant Studio , Novatr and the Industry partners of the workshop wherein the lead mentor Monish Siripurapu, Ant Studio was responsible for the Design and pedagogy of the pavilion.

This was an intensively engaging experience wherein all participants learnt to transform their digital ideas to reality and create a parametric pavilion using earth, steel and other natural materials.

380 eco-friendly terracotta tiles; 35 rolled MS frames; 72 hours of physical labour; 25 participants from diverse design fields

A Starting Point


Participants of the Terrametric Workshop with the Novatr Team

With each participant working almost 12 hours a day on designing as well as fabricating. The otherwise impossible challenge of creating a pavillion seemed much easier and fun.

The Delhi Winters didn’t stand a chance against the passion and enthusiasm of the Novatr team, Monish Siripurapu, Ant Studio and participants to create something unique.Every participant got a chance to get their hands dirty, even innovate work processes by creating human chains to expedite otherwise boring tasks such as attaching fixtures to tiles!By the end of the workshop, the participants were confident enough to present their own pavilion design projects to the mentor and the rest of their peers.

Each participant thus took back, not only learnings but also the priceless experience of being involved in a realtime project. Novatr hopes to bring such opportunities forth to the Novatr tribe of designers, creators and learners!

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