Graduates from Novatr’s BIM Professional Course (Cohort - 1) Land Placements at Coveted AEC Firms

Arushi Mathur

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September 19

Novatr’s BIM Graduates Land Placements at Coveted AEC Firms
• Architects and civil engineers, upon upskilling in BIM tools and processes with Novatr, have witnessed an average pay hike of 60%.
• Among Novatr’s BIM graduates, early-stage professionals landed an average salary of INR 5.5 LPA while mid-senior level professionals received an average salary of INR 7.6 LPA.
• Renowned, globally-operating AEC firms including DAR, Techture, Colliers, Total Environment, and The BIM Engineers are actively recruiting Novatr graduates.

We at Novatr are happy to release our first Placement Update, after the successful completion of the BIM Professional Course’s first cohort.

Based on the placement experience of Novatr’s first BIM cohort, it has been found that upskilling in new-age, industry-relevant tools and processes has allowed architects and civil engineers to witness not only tremendous career growth but also develop the ability to lead innovation in their respective workplaces.

What are firms looking for?

According to a recent study, 89% of architecture firms, 72% of civil engineering firms, and 69% of construction firms around the world would be actively using BIM by 2024, as we race towards complete digitalisation.

BIM adoption by 2024

BIM adoption by 2024

It’s an exciting time for the industry. However, the current employability of architects and civil engineers in India remains miserably low. This is primarily due to the fact that only a very small percentage of graduates are skilled in advanced tools such as Revit, BIM 360, Twinmotion, Navisworks or Dynamo. Outdated curriculum in most colleges have left young professionals with little to no knowledge of digital tools as well as firms struggling to find skilled talent who can both lead and contribute to their digital practices.

Most in-demand skills at AEC firms

Most in-demand skills at AEC firms

Novatr’s own hiring survey found that over 75% of firms are actively seeking candidates adept in BIM software and processes. Companies of the likes of DAR, BDP, Total Environment, Systra, L&T, Enventure, Techture, etc., have shared a need for more than 5,000 openings to be fulfilled over the next 12 months, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Where does Novatr come in?

'In an ideal world, colleges would be equipping aspiring AEC professionals with the new-age skills needed to drive innovation in the industry. But the truth is that they don’t. That’s exactly where we come in. We’re helping individuals bridge their education gap and forge careers that are both financially and intellectually rewarding,' says Novatr Co-Founder and CEO Harkunwar Singh.

In Novatr’s first BIM cohort itself, 80% of the eligible candidates have been placed at some of the most coveted MNCs in the AEC industry, including DAR, Techture, Tata Consulting Engineers, and many more. Many of the placed candidates have kickstarted their BIM journeys by contributing to exciting projects like the Noida International Airport as well as other major public infrastructure projects.

oneistox BIM placements salary breakup

The average salary received by early-stage professionals in the cohort was INR 5.25 LPA, with the highest offer being 6.35 LPA. Mid-level professionals (having up to 4 years of prior work experience) received an average salary of 7.6 LPA, with the highest offer going up to 8 LPA.

On an average, every BIM graduate received more than one placement offer. (An average of 1.4 offers received per graduate).

Novatr sucess stories part 1
Novatr sucess stories part 2

Novatr is happy to have had our BIM graduates receive multiple job offers from some of the top AEC firms worldwide. We now look forward to continue empowering more architects and engineers with the new-age skills and real-world exposure that the industry demands.

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