Salaries and Career Growth of BIM Professionals Across the World

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July 01

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BIM professionals worldwide are becoming increasingly valuable in the AEC industry as BIM adoption booms. According to a recent study, BIM professionals earn 40% higher salaries than other AEC professionals. We have chosen a few countries which are seeing a rise in BIM uses and are popular among job seekers.

Career Opportunities in BIM

Illustration of an office setting

Office working

A bridge between design and construction, BIM has smoothened many aspects of construction workflows. Many developed countries worldwide have mandated the use of BIM in public projects. We are seeing a rise in BIM applications even in countries without a BIM mandate. With the technology ever advancing, the trend can only be expected to rise sharply, resulting in various BIM jobs in demand with BIM specialists’ salaries competitive.

Usually, the entry-level BIM professional would start with a BIM modeller who creates BIM models, 2D drawings and visualizations. With more experience, one can become a BIM Designer/Architect, or BIM Engineer if the professional is from an engineering background. These professionals would have experience and knowledge of both BIM and their respective disciplines.

BIM managers, with 5-7 years of BIM experience, handle task delegations to other BIM team members, set up LOD (Levels of details) and do quality checks. BIM Coordinators, on the other hand, are similar to BIM managers but are responsible for communicating with multiple consultants to coordinate the model and communication within the team.

What Determines the Salary Range?

We should first note that the wages can vary depending on several factors. Even within the same country, the same role may enjoy a different salary range. Below are some of the determinants of the salary ranges of BIM professionals.

Professional Experience

One of the contributing factors is relevant professional experience. At entry-level, one would not be expected to have years of experience, but for higher positions, experience speaks volumes.


Location is another factor; firms in large cities will offer more as the cost of living is higher. Similarly, you can expect better pay in more developed countries.

Firm size

The firm size too can influence the remuneration of the employees. The average pay tends to be higher in more established firms, though there is no guarantee.

a design professional viewing an architectural project with VR

Working with VR


One thing accepted worldwide is the importance of the skills as a determinant for pay - the more skilled a professional is, the more remuneration they will enjoy. Therefore, fresh graduates and professionals should focus more on skills to show what they can bring to the company.

In most professional fields, salaries are not fixed, meaning they can either go up or down based on experience and skills. But it also means that you can negotiate for a higher salary during the job interview.

That being said, it should be noted that the salaries mentioned below are estimates of annual salaries in local currency and should be taken as a guide only.

Read till the end to compare the salaries of BIM professionals in major BIM-leading countries across the globe.

BIM Salaries in UAE

3D model section of KAFD Metro station in Riyadh by ZHA

3D BIM model of KAFD Metro Station by ZHA

One of the fastest-growing AEC industries with a great number of construction projects built in the last decade, Dubai emirate first mandated using BIM in UAE in 2013 which has now upgraded to include a diverse range of projects.

Even in an entry-level position, a BIM modeller in UAE can earn about AED 100,000 on average. Meanwhile, a BIM engineer and BIM coordinator’s pay on average can reach AED 180,000 and AED 220,000 respectively.

As a BIM manager, one can earn an average of AED 380,000 per annum. It builds with experience, as such, the remuneration earned can even reach AED 500,000.

BIM Salaries in Australia

Optus Stadium at Perth, Australia

Optus Stadium, Perth

Although there is a requirement for BIM implementation in government-funded projects over AUD 50 million, Australia has not enforced it strictly. Moreover, different states have their own BIM strategy.

On average, a BIM modeller can earn about AUD 80,000 (per annum) with a possibility to reach up to AUD 100 000. A BIM coordinator, on the other hand, can gain around AUD 95,000 on average.

A BIM manager can make up to AUD 120,000 per annum in a senior role.

BIM Salaries in Canada

Architecture visualisation of Calgary Cancer centre in Calgary, Canada

Calgary Cancer Centre, Canada

As of 2021, Canada remains the only G7 country with no national BIM mandate. Regardless, the government and practitioners recognise the potential of BIM in the AEC industry, and its use has been steadily rising. Non-profit organizations such as buildingSMART Canada are guiding this growth with manuals and resources for professionals.

An average annual salary of CA$50,000 - 65,000 can be expected of a BIM modeller in Canada. As one becomes a BIM coordinator, the remuneration can range from CA$ 57,000 to 75,000. The range for BIM managers is wider - the earnings can range from CA$ 80,000 to 110,000 scaling with experience and responsibilities.

BIM Salaries in Germany

At the end of 2020, Germany made BIM mandatory for public contracts of federal infrastructure, in addition to being a requirement for projects worth over €100m set in 2017. However, BIM implementation has been largely driven by the public sector, with many clients requesting BIM even beyond the requirements set by the government.

The salary range is smaller compared to other countries. The salary for a BIM modeller in Germany can start from EUR 30,000 to 50,000 and for a BIM engineer EUR 50,000 to 65,000. A BIM coordinator can earn around EUR 60,000 per annum, while a BIM manager can make up to EUR 80,000.

BIM Salaries in the UK

The view of 30 St Mary Axe towering over nearby buildings

30 St Mary Axe or The Gherkin by Foster + Partners

UK is considered one of the pioneer countries when it comes to BIM implementation. BIM Level 2 has become obligatory in all public projects since 2016. It has set its BIM standards which influenced the international BIM standards and mandates.

The salary range for a BIM modeller in the UK is quite large; the pay can start from GBP 28,000 and reach up to GBP 40,000. Similarly, a BIM engineer can earn anywhere from GBP 30,000 to 40,000.

For a BIM coordinator, the average remuneration is about GBP 30,000. Like in other countries, a BIM manager in the UK gets a higher salary than most BIM professionals, starting around GBP 50,000.

BIM Salaries in the US

Visualisation of Jewel building at Changi Airport, Singapore

Perot Museum, Dallas, US

Currently, there is no nationwide BIM mandate in the US though some states have their mandates. However, federal agencies and private firms have begun adopting BIM and it is projected to grow.

In the US, the salary of a BIM modeller can range from USD 50,000 to 70,000, depending on their skills and responsibilities. According to Indeed, a senior role can get up to USD 70 000 in certain cities. As for a BIM engineer, the remuneration can scale from USD 70,000 to 85 000.

On the other hand, the salary for a BIM coordinator can start around USD 70 000 and reach USD 90 000 mark with sufficient years of experience. The range for remuneration of a BIM manager is also huge; the average is approximately around USD 85 000 and can reach USD 120 000.

BIM Salaries in Singapore

 Visualisation of Jewel building at Changi Airport, Singapore

The Jewel at Changi Airport

Singapore has made BIM e-submissions with architectural and engineering plans mandatory, in phases since 2013, for regulatory approvals. The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) of Singapore also announced the IDD (Integrated Digital Delivery) initiative in 2018 which uses BIM and VDC (Virtual Design and Construction) as the foundations. And so, BIM-skilled professionals are in demand as the country moves towards digitalisation.

A BIM modeller in Singapore can earn approximately SGD 36,000 per annum while a BIM engineer earns around SGD 48,000. A BIM coordinator may enjoy similar remuneration from SGD 45,000 to 55,000.

For a BIM manager, the pay range is quite broad - from SGD 60,000 to over 80,000

BIM Salaries in India

Terminal 2 building of Kempegowda International Airport at Bengaluru

Terminal 2, Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru

BIM has transformed the AEC industry in India as firms take up BIM to deliver quality works in competitive schedules. With more advantages of BIM being recognised, the need for BIM, and of course BIM professionals in the country, is steadily increasing.

A BIM modeller’s annual salary reaches over ₹ 300,000, higher than that of a junior architect or engineer. After becoming a BIM engineer/designer, one can earn approximately ₹380,000 per annum. As a BIM coordinator, the salary earned can reach ₹800,000. On the other hand, the salary of a BIM manager can easily reach ₹900,000 within 5-7 years of BIM experience.

Estimated Annual Salaries of BIM Professionals

Bim ModellerBIM EngineerBIM CoordinatorBIM Manager
UAEAED 100,000AED 180,000AED 220,000AED 380,000
AustraliaAUD 80,000AUD 85,000AUD 95,000AUD 120,000
CanadaCAD 50,000CAD 55,000CAD 60,000CAD 82,000
GermanyEUR 30,000EUR 50,000EUR 60,000EUR 80,000
UKGBP 28,000GBP 30,000GBP 30,000GBP 50,000
USUSD 50,000USD 70,000USD 70,000USD 85,000
SingaporeSGD 36,000SGD 48,000SGD 48,000SGD 60,000
PhilippinesPHP 300000PHP 450,000PHP 580,000PHP 600,000
IndiaINR 360,000INR 480,000INR 800,000INR 900,000

Disclaimer: Stated here are estimations of annual salaries of these professionals in local currencies.

Having BIM skills can open up new opportunities for a professional in the AEC industry. Their value in the industry is high, so naturally, their remuneration is also higher when compared to many AEC professionals with the same length of experience.

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