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The 3 W's of BIM that Every Civil Engineer Should Know.


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Rachit Aggarwal

BIM Manager

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About the episode

Are you ready to discover the limitless potential of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in Civil Engineering?

Join us for an insightful webinar with Rachit Aggarwal, BIM Manager at StudioSustain, as he takes you on an exciting journey through the world of BIM and its transformative impact on the civil engineering landscape.

We'll delve deep into the realm of BIM and explore its pivotal role within Civil Engineering, an integral component of the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry. 

  1. BIM in Civil Engineering:
    Gain a profound understanding of how BIM is reshaping the civil engineering landscape.
    Discover the diverse domains within Civil Engineering where BIM is making a significant impact. Uncover the boundless possibilities and opportunities that BIM offers to civil engineers.

  2. BIM in the Construction Industry:
    Learn about the origins of BIM and its current status in the construction industry.
    Explore the future prospects of BIM across various sectors and project scales.

  3. Advantages of BIM for Engineers:
    Understand how BIM benefits both design engineers and site engineers. Identify the essential skills required to excel in the world of BIM. Discover the cutting-edge tools that can empower engineers to achieve exceptional results.

  4. Career Insights:
    Get insights into the key profiles and job roles within different sectors of Civil Engineering. Explore career prospects, salaries, and growth opportunities in these roles.

Key takeaways

  • Myth busting that BIM is solely for white-collar professionals by emphasizing its applicability to site professionals;
  • Explore BIM's holistic approach that extends beyond 3D modeling to encompass project execution, handover, and lifecycle management;
  • Understand the significant time-saving potential of BIM, validated by global statistics;
  • Understand how BIM contributes to enhanced safety on construction sites; and
  • Gain insights into India's exceptional leadership in BIM implementation, particularly in large-scale projects, positioning it at the forefront on the global stage.

Meet the speakers

Group 27853 (1)
Rachit Aggarwal

BIM Manager

Rachit is a Structural Engineer whose journey in BIM began with a deep fascination for the seamless integration of technology and construction. He has since dedicated his career to driving innovation and efficiency within the AEC industry. He has worked with various Technical Consultants/Stakeholders, PMCs and BIM Consultants for multiple disciplines which strengthened his belief that BIM is not just a technology but a mindset that can streamline workflows, enhance project outcomes, and reduce costs.