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Know What Architects Can Do After B.Arch - Work, Masters, Upskilling.


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Rahul Grover

Senior Building Physics and Sustainability Engineer


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About the event

Real-world architectural practice is no longer limited to pen-and-paper sketches for designing and building. You can be coding and building algorithmic design solutions and still be as much an architect as your peer who still uses pencil sketch as their go-to design tool. Modern-day tech and development in architecture tools and methodologies have opened up diverging career pathways for architects to pursue via multiple educational avenues.

But, to choose the right architectural career path for you, you must know the diverse professional opportunities available and the skills you need to get there.

For this career-defining episode, we have invited Rahul Grover, Senior Building Physics and Sustainability Engineer at Buro Happold to share his experience of navigating through the early years of his career and shed extensive light on the various career paths architects can pursue after finishing B.Arch.

What you will learn

  • Learn what you can do after B.Arch to set your career on the right path
  • Gain knowledge on different professional avenues and opportunities that architectural education opens up
  • Understand the different skills and expertise you can start developing post-graduation
  • Know exactly how to leverage these skills to build a successful career in architecture
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Rahul Grover

Senior Building Physics and Sustainability Engineer

Rahul is an experienced professional passionate about sustainable building technology and architecture design. With almost a decade's experience in the industry, Rahul is dedicated to combining these disciplines in a way that makes a lasting impact on our world.