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Designing with Algorithms: How Architects Can Become Programmers


Praneet Mathur
Praneet Mathur

Architect & Software Developer for AEC

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About the episode

As architects, we are told that we adapt to the profession we design for. If empowered by technology, the potential of a designer is food for thought.

Are you willing to explore the realm of design and tech, where we talk about sculpting the landscapes of tomorrow with the power of computer programming?

Join us for an insightful webinar with Praneet Mathur, Architect and Software Developer where he will talk about the future of computer programming in architecture design. We will explore the realm of designing with algorithms and Computational Design in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry.

  1. Exploring Programming and emerging technologies in the AEC industry
    Understand the use of emerging technologies like AI to develop plugins and enhance automation, and AR to optimise visualisation and efficiency. Explore the application of programming and designing via algorithms in this ever-evolving industry.

  2. The impact of Tech in the AEC industry
    Understand how programming helps with problem-solving in architecture design via automated documentation, digital fabrication, etc. Explore different opportunities to adapt to the evolving industry and the impact of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and designing via algorithms in Computational Design.

  3. The relevance of computer programming in computational design
    Understanding designing via algorithms in architecture through Grasshopper and other 3D plugins.
    Exploring computer programming and how computational algorithms help with cloud compatibility and project efficiency.

  4. Career Insights
    Indulge in conversations about career paths in computational design and how to start out as a fresher architect.

Key takeaways

  • Breaking barriers by understanding the potential of computational design and the application of software and tools;
  • Exploring the benefit and impact of computer programming and problem solving with the use of technology;
  • Understanding the challenges of integrating technology and how it can empower industries at the same time;
  • Gain insights on the emerging technologies and the scope of computational design in the AEC industry;
  • Initiating conversations on making a successful career in the field of computational design.

Meet the speakers

Praneet Mathur
Praneet Mathur

Architect, Software Developer

Praneet Mathur is an Architect, self taught programmer and software developer. He currently works as an independent Computational Design and Development Consultant. Graduating as an architect from the Birla Institute of Technology, Praneet has gained extensive experience as a computational designer, and developer working with firms like ShapeDiver, GMetri, Karamba3D and Sculptform. Praneet brings a unique perspective to his work, bridging the gap between architecture and technology.