Creating a Successful Career Path for Architects in the Booming AEC Industry

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About the episode

Everything we see around us has an architectural sense - the buildings, the cities, the way we move, our favourite nooks and corners. And architects have been at the core of creating these viable environments for us. These spaces and design sensibilities have also been dynamic as human civilisation has moved through different ages of human history. This has resulted in the evolution of material understanding and use, and design ideation and development techniques.

However, it isn’t unfair to point out how the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry, for some time, has been operating on stagnancy with cluelessness setting in straight out of architecture school and permeating much into our careers.

The last few decades have seen the emergence and evolution of tech that is revolutionising how we design and build leading to increasing demand for talents with tech-first skills. Only future-ready architects will have a place in the booming architecture industry owing to the urban population explosion and resource depletion.

Join us for an exciting episode where you will get a detailed synopsis of the current state of the industry, what’s changing and what you can do to ensure there is a creatively and monetarily rewarding place for you in it.

Key takeaways

  • Learn directly from industry leaders and tech champions
  • Gain awareness through expert insights about the technologies reforming the AEC landscape and their future impact
  • Understand the way technological know-how is creating diverse career opportunities
  • Know what tech-first skills complement your architectural prowess and help ensure you have a rewarding place in the industry
  • Learn about the ways you can upskill and develop skills that are high-in-demand