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6 Best BIM Courses With Placements (2024)

Saumya Verma

16 min read

October 10, 2022


Table of Contents

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is one of the most promising recent developments to grace the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry. BIM technology is gaining significant interest, and it is estimated that by 2026, the BIM market will be valued at a jaw-dropping 10.7 billion USD. The need to learn these new technologies and processes can no longer be considered an afterthought.

What is BIM? 

Building Information Modeling or BIM is a highly collaborative process that allows architects, engineers, real estate developers, contractors, manufacturers, and other construction professionals to plan, design, and construct a structure or building within a single 3D model.

The essence of BIM lies in the term 'information'. BIM revolves around digital models, where the data within these models intricately defines design elements and their interrelationships. By digitally documenting a building using BIM software, the advantages extend beyond the construction phase. This comprehensive digital representation not only streamlines the planning and construction processes but also proves invaluable for end-users post-construction, facilitating efficient maintenance, renovations, and overall lifecycle management of the structure.


Why learn BIM? 

BIM is transforming working strategies across the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry, as it offers vast opportunities for better collaboration, cost saving, greater productivity, and time efficiency. 

According to a recent study, 89% of architecture firms, 72% of civil engineering firms, and 69% of construction firms around the world will be actively using BIM by 2024. Learning BIM can ensure you massive career benefits, including:

1. Better Pay after learning BIM

BIM ensures you a better salary and higher career growth. Typically, BIM-skilled architects earn 40% higher than the industry average.

2. Remote opportunities of work

Due to the end-to-end digitization that BIM involves, the use of the technology allowed professionals to work seamlessly during the pandemic. In spite of a turbulent job market, BIM roles have remained stable and unaffected, and online collaboration has emerged stronger than ever.

3. A skill for the future

The technology has been embraced by countries worldwide with its use already mandated by governments in multiple countries. 

In this article, we will discuss some of the top BIM courses with placement that you should look out for!

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Important BIM Tools/Software 

1. Revit

Revit model

Revit stands out as a leading BIM software in the AEC industry, offering a comprehensive range of features that benefit all involved parties. From initial conceptual design to detailed documentation, Revit's capabilities are extensive. It facilitates massing studies during the conceptual phase and seamlessly progresses through each design stage.

One of Revit's strengths is its versatility in conducting analyses both pre and post-design, thanks to its compatible plug-ins. The software's modelling efficiency is bolstered by its extensive library of 'families,' complete with dimensions and properties, allowing for parametric modelling and easy modifications.

For architects, Revit offers the possibility of photorealistic visualization using plug-ins like V-ray and Enscape. What sets Revit apart is its centralized database where all information is stored, enabling automated updates and smooth coordination with other stakeholders. Its interoperability with other Autodesk tools further streamlines workflows, enhancing overall efficiency.

2. BIM 360

BIM 360 model

BIM 360, part of Autodesk Construction Cloud, is a centralized platform that consolidates project data for seamless collaboration and integration with various BIM and non-BIM software, such as Microsoft 365. It enhances construction processes starting from the design phase by facilitating multidisciplinary stakeholder collaboration and efficient document management.

The benefits of centralized information are significant: projects are delivered on time and within budget, decision-making improves, risks and hazards become more predictable, and quality management reduces rework, saving both time and money. BIM 360 caters to a wide range of roles in the AEC industry, from architects and contractors to project owners.

3. Navisworks

Navisworks model

Navisworks, a key player in Autodesk's BIM software lineup, specializes in reviewing 3D models comprehensively for project planning and analysis. Much like Revit, Navisworks excels in consolidating diverse models into a unified platform for enhanced collaboration and coordination.

Navisworks offers three variations: Freedom, Simulate, and Manage, each catering to specific user needs. Freedom serves as a free 3D viewer, ideal for design stage visualization without clash detection and detailed analysis. Simulate provides robust simulation and analysis tools without clash detection, making it suitable for streamlined workflows. Manage encompasses all features, including clash detection, quantity take-offs, and 5D scheduling, making it a top choice for comprehensive project review and analysis.

Additionally, Navisworks seamlessly integrates with other BIM software like Revit and BIM 360, amplifying its utility. It's worth noting that Navisworks currently operates exclusively on Windows platforms.

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4. Infraworks

Infraworks model

InfraWorks, a prominent BIM software by Autodesk, is extensively utilized in civil engineering for infrastructure projects. It excels in generating and managing large-scale infrastructure models with intricate data, seamlessly integrating information from various sources such as CAD, 3D models, GIS, CityGML, and satellite imagery. This integration ensures precise and detailed design proposals.

Within InfraWorks, engineers can create layouts for roads, drainage systems, and earthworks, facilitating project feasibility assessments. Road design features, including cross-sections, roadside grading, and roundabout design, are easily navigated. The software also offers simulations for traffic, mobility, and flood scenarios, enabling thorough design feasibility evaluations before finalization.

5. Twinmotion

Twinmotion model

Twinmotion, a real-time visualization tool by Epic Games, is a robust software that transforms BIM models into stunning renders, animations, and VR experiences. With customizable seasons, weather effects, and a wide range of lighting and material options, stakeholders and clients can immerse themselves in virtual spaces.

The visual impact of Twinmotion can significantly aid in client approvals, offering a preview of both the final product and the design process. It seamlessly integrates with other CAD and BIM software, streamlining project workflows. Its user-friendly interface reduces the learning curve compared to other visualization tools, making it accessible and efficient for users.

6. Civil 3DCivil 3D model

Civil 3D, part of the AutoCAD suite, is designed specifically for civil engineering tasks such as road design, land development, and drainage system planning. Developed by Autodesk, it offers a comprehensive set of features including 3D modelling, visualization, and analysis, making it indispensable for civil engineers. Its robust documentation capabilities and integration with surveying tasks further enhance its utility in the field.

List of Top BIM Courses with Placements in 2024

For a dynamic industry such as AEC, there is always scope for upskilling, adding a set of great experiences to your portfolio and gaining expertise. As an emerging technology, learning BIM can help expedite the process of career progression, leading projects and teams globally. Below, we share a few courses that could help level up BIM understanding with some of the best BIM courses in India.

1. Novatr

BIM Professional Course for Architects V2.0

Mode: Online course
Completion Time: 8 and 9 months
Who is this Course for:  Students, Professionals
Placement Assistance: Yes

Novatr offers two unique  BIM Professional Course for Architect V2.0 and BIM Professional Course for Civil Engineers. Both feature a specialised career-relevant curriculum designed and delivered by BIM experts from leading firms.

  • Learn from industry leaders at Cooper Carry, Arup, and Schmidt Hammer Lassen, as well as professionals who have launched their own practices.
  • Engage in a comprehensive 8-9 month-long BIM course with placement assistance, conducted through online part-time study.
  • Acquire a holistic understanding of BIM processes, covering modelling, information management, cloud collaboration, presentation, clash detection, and visual programming.
  • Participate in a live RIBA-structured capstone project, honing BIM and design skills under the guidance of industry experts.
  • Elevate your expertise with Novatr, which is recognised as one of the best BIM training institutes in India.


Novatr offers guaranteed placement assistance to all its learners. The graduates from Novatr’s latest BIM cohort have been able to catapult the average pay hike of 97%. Companies where students have secured BIM courses with placements include Techture, DAR, The BIM Engineers, TATA Consulting Engineers, Colliers, and Total Environment, among others.



2. BIMLabs

Mode: Offline
Completion Time: 240 hours - 850 hours
Who is this course for: Engineering students, professionals
Placement Assistance: Yes


BIMLabs offers aspiring professionals a platform and the tools to efficiently plan, design, construct, and manage buildings and infrastructure with their multiple BIM course offerings. They have an offline training centre in Kerala. BIMLabs also offers placement opportunities after the completion of the course.

The courses offered include:
  • Professional in BIM - MEP
  • BIM for Infrastructure
  • Architectural BIM
  • Construction and Operation Management in BIM
  • Structural BIM


Placement services offered by BIMLabs are for those who are well-equipped with the knowledge of CAD (Computer-Aided Drafting), CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) and CAE(Computer-Aided Engineering). The students are able to secure jobs in the field of architecture, civil engineering, and construction industry. The offline course has a strong customer base and good networking opportunities.

Companies where students have secured placements include: Conserve Solutions, Monarch Innovation Pvt Ltd, Paradigm IT Pvt Ltd, H&MV Engineering, AK Consulting, Mary Matha Infrastructure, and Roberts Design Services, among others.

3. TechnoStruct Academy

Mode: Online and E-Live Classes, Classroom training in Hyderabad and New Delhi
Completion Time: 8 months (for the BIM-ready+ course)
Who is this course for:  Students, professionals
Placement Assistance:


TechnoStruct Academy provides online training courses to prepare in the field of BIM, AutoCAD, Revit, and NavisWorks. TSA is the training division of the US-based Engineering & Technology BIM firm called TechnoStruct LLC. 
The courses offered include:
  • BIM Ready Plus
  • BIM Ready Complete
  • BIM Ready (Architecture)
  • BIM Ready (Structure)
  • BIM Ready (MEP)


The placement cell of TechnoStruct Academy (TSA), has a versatile team that helps learners land a variety of job roles. Around 50 companies, including design and construction companies, contact TechnoStruct Academy for placements. Companies, where students have secured placements, include AECOM, Aron Developers, Architude: BIM for affordable sustainability, TATA Projects, Interocean Group, eLogicTech Solutions, and TechnoStruct LLC, among others.

4. IFS Academy

Mode: Online Training and Classroom Training in Pune
Completion Time: 4-6 months
Who is this course for: Students, Professionals
Placement Assistance: No


IFS Academy delivers online courses in CAD/CAM/CAE, Mechanical, Civil, Electrical and Architecture Design & Analysis courses. They offer classroom and instructor-led online courses on all the engineering design and analysis software used in the industries such as AutoCAD, Revit, Revit MEP, Tekla etc.
They offer a range of courses that include:
  • Mechanical Design Courses
  • Civil Design Courses
  • Electrical Design Courses
  • MEP (Building Services) Online Courses
  • Architecture Design Courses
  • Computer and IT Courses


The course trains students on the basics of Engineering Design, Drawing, Reading, and various Design & Analysis Software used in the Mechanical/ Civil/ Architecture and Electrical industries making it one of the best BIM training institutes in India. They also provide soft skills training. Companies where students have secured placements include 2020 Spaces, TEP India Pvt. Ltd, MBM Robotics and Automation, Anviva Innotech, KalSoft Solutions Pvt Ltd, Veracity Structural Consultancy, and Aditi Automation, among others.

5. Skill-Lync

Mode: Online
Completion time: 8 to 12 months
Who is this course for:  Engineers, Corporate Upskilling for businesses, Academic Training for Universities
Placement Assistance: Yes


They offer a wide range of courses categorised by software, profession, and job demands:
  • Mechanical Courses
  • Civil Courses
  • Electrical Courses

The ‘Drafting and Design using Revit’ course offered by Skill-Lync provides tutorials on both parametric design skills and drafting standards to create error-free drawings.


The Skill-Lync website claims that they help learners get placed in top companies, whether you're trying to start a new career or change your existing one. Companies where students have secured placements include Faurecia, Tech Mahindra, Satven, HCL, Xitadel, Expleo, and Virtual Simutech, among others.

6. INFINI, Pune

Mode: Full-time Offline course
Completion time: 12 months
Who is this course for:  Civil Engineers, Architects
Placement Assistance: Yes


Unlike the rest of the courses mentioned above, INFINI Pune provides PGP courses (Post Graduate Programme) in Construction Project Management. Established in December 2014 under the Companies Act 1956, INFINI Institute is a collaboration of industry experts, psychologists, mentors, and academicians and has its head office in Pune.


INFINI has maintained a good placement record consecutively for the last 3 years. Students are trained in various job skills on the basis of which they get placement. It should be noted providing placement is an added service and they don’t guarantee it. Companies, where students have secured placements, include: Goel Ganga Group, Millennium Engineers & Contractors Ltd., Fidesto, Rohan Builders Pvt. Ltd., Facilities And Building Solutions Pvt. Ltd, Arya Engineers and Contractors Pvt. Ltd, Larsen and Toubro Limited, among others. 

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With the rising demand for BIM architects in the AEC industry, upskilling with BIM courses has become the need of the hour. Building Information Modeling has not only improved workflows and the process of collaboration and communication but has benefitted the industry in many other ways, like optimising cost and time, and reducing error, to name a few. Pursuing BIM Courses with placement not only helps you in upskilling but also assists you in landing your dream job! We hope this blog gave you the insight you need to accelerate your career in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) Industry by helping you choose the perfect BIM course.

Novatr offers courses on the two most in-demand skills in the AEC industry–the   BIM Professional Course for Architect V2.0 and the BIM Professional Course for Civil Engineers which are touted as one of the best BIM courses in India. Both are taught by global industry experts with years of real-world experience working in the industry. You will also get to work on real-life projects.

Go to our Resources page if you want to get more insights on AEC careers, software & tools, and industry trends.

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