10 Respected Parametric Design Firms in India to Look Out For

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May 12

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From sweeping curves to complex volumetric geometric forms, parametricism has made a deep impact on modern architecture. Interestingly, it’s not a very new concept, just take a look at Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia for proof!

India has added gems to this design style, with great examples of parametric design like the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai, Maya Somaiya Library in Kopargaon, and many more. The work ranges from furniture design and interiors to architecture. So, while we don’t guarantee job availability, here is a list of the leading parametric firms in India with links to their application pages!

At the risk of sounding cliche, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take!

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1. Ant Studio

Complex Parametric structure in India by Ant Studio made of sustainable materials

Pangolin Pavilion By Ant Studio. (Source: thearchitectsdiary.com)

Ant Studio was founded in 2010 by Monish Siripurapu, and is a Delhi-based architectural firm. Their objective is to blend art, architecture, technology, and materiality fusing with nature. They are a research-based firm that works closely in developing new technologies for the maintenance of microclimate and to making labor-intensive construction techniques more efficient. Some of their works are Pangolin Pavilion, Cool Ant- Natural Air Cooler, Deki Electronics, e.t.c.

To readers who are interested in a firm which values parametric design’s association with nature, this is the place for you. Fun fact: The featured project in the above image, Pangolin Pavilion, is the product of a collaborative workshop between Ant Studio and Novatr! It stands proud today in the grounds of SPA Delhi.

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2. Wallmakers

Sustainable Parametric church design with arches in India

St.George Church (Source: archdaily.com)

Wallmakers is a design discipline that works with mud and waste as the main material for both the beautification and utility of the projects. Their firm is based in Kochi, and was founded by Vinu Daniel in 2007. The firm has won an award for its low-cost and eco-friendly housing project for cancer patients! The projects that the firm mainly deals with are residential like Shikhara House in Pothencode, St. George Church in Kochi, and many more.

If low-cost architecture and best-out-of-waste is your jam, shoot your shot here!

3. HSC Design

Image showing a curved metal wall inside a room

Project by Hsc Design (Source: archello.com)

HSC Design is a budding parametric design firm working in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. They focus on the experiential value of a space which makes it more usable and enjoyable for the users. The firm uses computational design to tackle user-considerations with the site weather conditions. They also work in furniture design- like this 100% recycled multi-usage lounge chair.

The firm values the ideology of building unconventional approaches to their projects. So, if you are a proponent of whimsy, this might be the place for you!

4. The Wicker Story

Sustainable Parametric design bench, Modern-product design

The Bloom Bench (Source: stirworld.com)

The brainchild of Prelab Studio, Wicker Story is a product design firm. It was founded by Priyanka Narula in 2019 and is based in Hyderabad. The firm holds a strong connection of computational design with the culture and crafts of India, with a goal to create 100% sustainable and zero waste production methods. Lifafa Chair, Imli Bench, Tea Store are some of the cool projects by the firm.

So if you are fascinated by the intersection of technology with local crafts, go ahead and apply!

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5. sP+a

Modern parametric temple design in India

Temple of Steps by sP+a (Source:dezeen.com)

Mumbai firm sP+a was founded by Architect Sameep Padora. Their philosophy is to encourage the socio-cultural context and to preserve their vernacular techniques by evolving them. Some of their famous works are Temple of Steps in Nandyala, Indigo Deli in Mumbai, Jeetavan in Sakharwadi, etc.

If you believe in being historically and culturally relevant to the region through craft, art, or nature, shoot your shot at sP+a here!

6. Studio Emergence

Studio Emergence was founded by Seeja Sudhakaran and Khushbu Davda, and is based in Mumbai. The firm has a fondness for geometry in design through a parametric approach, appreciating sustainability, materiality, context, and digital techniques in design. The firm deals with various scales in parametric consultancy, like interiors, furniture, product, and even urban design. Some of their works are Rajdaynes Residence, Mumbai Metro, Vortex west, and more. You may apply to Studio Emergence here!

7. Studio Symbiosis

Parametric roof design ideas, War museum design

War Museum (Source:aasarchitecture.com)

Founded by Amit Gupta and Britta Knobel Gupta, Studio Symbiosis has been able to gain recognition within a short interval of time. The studio is based in Germany and Delhi. The practice believes in elegance through computational tools and the involvement of nature in its design. Pixel Housing in Hyderabad, Floating Terraces in Hyderabad, ID origins in Mumbai, etc are some of the best known works by the firm.

If combining parametric designing with nature is your vibe, apply here to be considered for the team!

8. Formforge

Founded by Abhinav Goyal, this Hyderabad/Delhi-NCR based firm is uniquely multidisciplinary with its feet in product design, digital fabrication, and even the public art sphere! Formforge creates custom design solutions using digital optimisation and represents a truly fascinating union between exhibitionary art and design.

If parametric design in installation and fabrication is your jam, try applying here!

9. Rat[Lab]

Green parametric structure design

Tokyo Shopping Mall (Source: re-thinkingthefuture.com)

A well-known Delhi-based firm that needs little introduction, RatLAB was founded by Sushant Verma and Pradeep Devdass. It is a research-based organization that has researchers all around the globe who specialize in computational design, with a goal to narrow the gap between technology and design. They work primarily on optimizing cost while enhancing the design experience.

Some of their works are Tokyo Shopping Mall, Symbiotic Dynamic Market, and many more. Click here to apply!

10. Sanjay Puri Architects

design ideas for institute design, Play of curves, Modern university in India

Hitkarni University by Sanjay Puri Architects (Source: theplan.it)

Last but not in any way the least, Sanjay Puri Architects is one of the leading parametric design firms in India. Founded in 1992, the firm has garnered many international awards, recognition and work from all around the world. Their philosophy is to evolve innovative design solutions that are in line with the context, contribute to sustainability, and revolutionize visitor experience. The practice values creativity and engineering, and they believe that each site tells you what to do with it. Some of their notable works are Excellenseaa126 in Surat, The Rajasthan School, Hitkarni University in Jabalpur, and more. Get ready to do some phenomenal work if you work here!

In this ever-changing world, design is also evolving with time and embracing new technologies. Each firm is trying to build its own identity and design philosophies. If you resonate with their ideologies and methods, it’s not just ideal for you but is also of great benefit to the firm to have someone like-minded on their team.

Getting a job in a parametric design firm requires knowledge of computational tools. With Novatr, you can learn Rhino easily through our course on Rhino+Grasshopper 101!

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