Your Guide to Rhinoceros: How Easy is it to Learn Rhino 3D?

ishika kapoor

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April 29

Zaha Hadid building, The Wangjing Soho in China, a curvilinear asymmetric skyscrape

Rhinoceros 3D is a widely used computational design software that has become huge in the design industry. People aware of parametric design already know that Rhino and its plugins are the best tools around for easy modelling. But if you’re reading this, that means you’re wondering if you are up to the task of learning to use it. My advice? Don’t get intimidated. Rhino software is reasonably easy to learn, and for that, it is loved by beginners and experts alike.

Based on the level of expertise you are seeking to achieve, here is a little guide to help you ascertain the level of time and involvement you may need to invest to learn Rhino:

House model made with a software known as Rhino 3D

Basic modeling with Rhino (Source:

1. A Rhino Newbie

Time required: 3-4 full-time days/2-3 weeks of partial input

If you’re clueless about Rhinoceros, but want to digest it quickly, a few days of full-time work to a couple weeks of partial input should get you there. Explore the software via Youtube, or among the many available online, and you would be able to build basic models on the software.

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Rhinoceros has a similar interface to Autodesk products, thus, it should be easier for Autodesk users to grasp (which, no doubt, is many of us). As a beginner, just a basic knowledge of the interface and tools available should be enough for you to execute a great 3D model. Simultaneously, you should be able to apply materials to your model and take basic renders.

Don’t get discouraged if you experience a bit of lag in your workflow, it takes a bit to get used to a new software! As you progress, get familiar with more commands and learn on the job, your workflow will become smoother and faster. Soon, you will be ready to take things to the next level.

Parametric design of a twisted skyscraper

Advanced Parametric Modeling. (Source:

2. A Rhino Guru

Time required: 3-4 months of regular input

The aforementioned next level! To know every feature Rhino software has to offer, along with its array of plugins, you will need intense exploration or guided learning of three to four months. With time, you will be able to design complex and intricate forms. You should also get accustomed to advanced plugins like Grasshopper 3D, Visual Arq, Ladybug, and many more to aid your workflow and reach new heights in parametric design!

Learners with ‘Guru’ level aspirations should be aware that advanced learning in Rhino 3D also requires basic knowledge of programming to implement complex models, and to grasp the true potential of the software. With experimentation in programming, you may even be able to transcend Rhino’s limitations to model exactly what you need, in exactly the way you want to. That is when, my friend, you become a true Rhino Guru.

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Visual Arq plugin of Rhino used for its architectural objects

Visual Arq plugin in Rhino 3D. (Source:

Rhino 3D is an extensive, multi-limbic software and is used across the design field by industries like product design, fashion, automotive, architectural design, etcetera. As the world shifts to more efficient methods of design, knowing how to use Rhino is a skill set much in-demand. So, it's time to stop overthinking, and start learning!

If guided, in-depth learning through Rhino courses is what you need, learn Rhino 3D with Novatr’s intensive course on Rhino + Grasshopper 101.

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