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From the SuperNovas’ Desk: What We're Excited To Do

Arushi Mathur

7 min read

May 2, 2023


Table of Contents

So… what brings you to this corner of the universe?

Akash-1“I think the first thing I noticed here was the clarity in thought across the founding team and also the workforce. The team exactly knows what they are working towards and the goal they are trying to achieve. Having that short-term and long-term clarity of where you want to be, that gives us a great working environment around as well.

Problem identification and the initiative to solve it was a key point as well. Everyone in the AEC space talks about the lack of skilled professionals with industry-relevant skills but how many edtech startups out there are focused on this problem statement? Again, the focus and clarity are brilliant.

Also, I personally really liked the initial conversations with the founders. Their thought process really resonated with me. They were ambitious yet practical and had one clear aim - to deliver tangible value out there. I aligned with that thought and really wanted to be a part of this energised team.”

– Akash Wadhwa

What do you think is Novatr’s raison d’être? Spill the beans!  

Anam-3“It's time we stop cribbing about AEC and start moving things around. It's time to change, to build a future where you want to belong, to question and create the innovations that spearhead to the next chapter. It's not one man's dream, it's a push of a community, a generation of innovators and free thinkers, a movement that rebuilds the foundation of the industry to accommodate our dreams. It needs NOVATR! A place to reevaluate our trajectory and recalibrate it at the pace of tech development. A place where like-minded individuals dare to be the change they intend to see in their future.”

– Anam Khan, Operations

What gets you pumped about the Oneistox → Novatr shift?

Swati-1The goal we have set to achieve with the brand flip is sufficient to keep the team motivated. The most exciting part is how we are planning to bring a change in the AEC industry with lots of new ideas along with the new brand name. This entire shift is giving us an opportunity to add and communicate our new features, benefits and advantages in a more compelling way, attracting new audiences (whom we might have missed previously :) ) The new brand name is allowing me to start fresh along with thinking out of the box on how we can better align the brand’s goal with the values we are providing. I am now very excited and waiting to see the audience’s response after the launch. 🤩

– Swati, Product

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What lures you out of bed and makes you dash into the Novatr lab every morning?

Suraj-1“It's a combination of factors that create an environment unlike that of established companies. Firstly, I am motivated by the opportunity for new learning, as Novatr is a start-up that encourages constant growth and innovation. Secondly, I am drawn to the people at Novatr - the sense of community, diversity, and ambition among the team is invigorating. Here, I am not limited by anyone telling me that my dreams are not big enough; instead, people believe in my ambitions and support them. Moreover, my curiosity is fueled by the ever-changing Novatr shift, which brings in new thoughts and perspectives, keeping me engaged and excited. At Novatr, I do not have an employee mindset; I have an owner mindset, which empowers me to take ownership of my work and contribute to the company's success. I am also motivated by the opportunity for manifestation - turning ideas into reality through innovative projects. I believe that motivation alone is not enough; it is the systems and processes in place at Novatr that build a solid foundation for success, akin to building a real house instead of a house of cards.”

Suraj, Sales 

How do you think Novatr is going to make the world go “Wow”?

Kanwalijeet -1Nearly everything around the world in today's day and age is facilitated by technology. Almost everything new that has changed the way we live is an outcome of technology-driven innovations. 

Remember when the first smartphone was launched? It changed the definition of a phone. We never looked at phones the same way we looked at the old versions of them.
Moreover, innovation lies at the intersection of so-called "specialisations" in the new world. SpaceX didn't just build the new age spacecraft because one product designer came up with a design or one engineer with new technology for propellers built the whole thing. It was built when like-minded people from different specialisations and backgrounds came together to innovate. Novatr is going to be the breeding ground for innovation that facilitates like-minded people to come together and drive the new ideas that will change the way live.

– Kanwal Jeet, Course Strategy

Hasn’t Hollywood given us enough grim visions of a robot apocalypse? Then what’s the deal with going “tech first”?

Roshan-1“Technology is a game-changer in today’s world. It allows us to push the limits of what's possible for humans. You know how we all have our limitations, right? Well, technology helps us surpass those limits and achieve things we could only dream of before. Another big advantage of technology is that it minimises human error. It's all about logic, math, and objectivity. With technology, everyone can agree on one thing because it's consistent. No more mistakes due to human fallibility!

Most importantly, we need tech for automation. It frees up our time from mundane tasks, allowing us to focus on more meaningful and creative work. As Naval Ravikant has said, with the right education and resources, robots could take over those repetitive tasks in just a few years, leaving us to pursue our passions and scientific endeavours.

And here's the kicker: technology is becoming pervasive in every field. It's the future! Almost every aspect of our lives and work will require tech proficiency. It's transforming the way we live and work, making it essential to embrace a "tech first" mindset.”

– Roshan, Tech

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“Honing the power of human potential”. Sounds fancy. But what does it mean, really?

Rajiv-1“Each of us bring unique abilities and have unique ambitions. Many times, we are unaware of our full potential as well as our aspirations. Being a continuous learner, acquiring new skills gets us to uncover the unknown and hone the known to be the best. At Novatr we help each other to know what is important to move forward and uncover our potential.”

– Rajiv, HR 

They say “fortune favours the bold”, so what's got you boldly believing that Novatr will revolutionise AEC?

Vignesh-1“It is common knowledge among those familiar with the field that the AEC industry suffers from inefficient workflows, limited technology adoption, and unrealized potential. Novatr, a team of young and enthusiastic individuals who have personally experienced these issues, is determined to transform the industry. Their greatest strength lies in their team of highly skilled and versatile professionals, which positions them well to effect change. As more professionals, including learners, mentors, guides, and hiring partners, join the Novatr community each day, we move closer to realising this goal.

– Vignesh, Design


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