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The Architect's Dilemma: Proficiency vs. Expertise - Novatr is Your Answer

Rohan Bhattacharrya

9 min read

February 2, 2024


Table of Contents

“The industry is changing constantly, so should we.”

In the fast-paced world of the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction industry, things are constantly changing. Gone are the days when the industry followed a set pattern for years. While the waves of technological revolution have been slow to arrive, they are now accelerating at a rapid pace. Today, the edge of technological innovation in the industry is expanding rapidly. What was once a new technology that was just a nice-to-have skill, has now transformed into an indispensable proficiency for every architect out there. That skill is Building Information Modelling (BIM).

Why Do BIM with Novatr

BIM adoption increased by over 20 per cent in 2023 when compared to previous years. Mandates from governments have catapulted the use of BIM in nearly every corner of the AEC industry in countries like the UK, USA, Singapore, Germany, and more. Noting the vast benefits of using BIM in infrastructure projects, many more countries are also pushing towards universal BIM mandates in new construction projects. The BIM market itself is projected to touch a massive $34.2 billion by 2032, growing annually at a rate of 16 per cent.

Why Do BIM with Novatr-6

At Novatr, we recognised the shifting tides thanks to our strong connections within the architectural community. We heard feedback from over 2,000 previous learners, analysed over 1,000 job interviews, and scrawled through multiple job postings to understand the direction that the industry was moving towards. We listened to international experts and top executives from major players. We had detailed discussions with our mentors and guides about what tech-first skills architects need to carve a successful career. Using this data-driven analysis and insightful feedback, we have revamped our flagship BIM Professional Course for Architects.  

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Novatr's BIM 2.0 course is designed with the modern architectural landscape in mind. It aims to equip students with skills and knowledge that are not just relevant today but will also be valuable in the future. The course covers everything from basic BIM principles to more advanced topics like integrating AI in design and managing project lifecycles more effectively. It's a clear response to the industry's call for professionals who can handle the latest tools and techniques in architectural design and construction.

What sets Novatr apart is its commitment to staying ahead of the curve. We’re not content with just teaching the basics; we are constantly updating their course to include the latest trends and technologies in architecture. This approach ensures that students aren't just learning for today but are being prepared for tomorrow's challenges. With a mix of tech-first learning and hands-on practice, Novatr's BIM 2.0 course is a game-changer in architectural education.

Why Choose Novatr 

At Novatr, we believe that when the ordinary falls flat, the only people who lead are the ones who evolve. We constantly spread the message of relearning, rethinking, and adapting. This pushed us to mark our stance yet again with our BIM 2.0 course

A Deep Dive into Novatr’s Updated BIM Course 

With Novatr’s updated BIM course, you immerse yourself in the world of BIM. Your journey will begin with Academic Levelling. Here you will use our self-paced learning materials to learn the basic skills needed before you can start your training in BIM software and workflow. The course begins with comprehensive foundational training in subjects like Revit Modeling before you progress towards the advanced techniques of parametric and facade modelling. By the course's end, you'll have gained expertise in foundational BIM skills. You'll be prepared to explore the next frontier where architecture converges with cutting-edge technology. This involves delving into the realms of 4D, 5D, and 6D BIM, as well as Design Development & Building Performance.

Here, you learn to foresee and shape the future, mastering tools that bring their architectural visions to life. The course goes beyond the conventional with the incorporation of Dynamo for visual programming. The course now also includes specialised modules in BIM for Interior Design and Urban Planning. These additions will ensure that every architectural professional is well-equipped to lead in the dynamic world of modern architecture.

Why Do BIM with Novatr-1

BIM is indispensable not only for traditional architects but also for specialised professionals like Interior Designers, Urban Designers, and Landscape Architects. This is why we have now added specialisations, electives and special international-standard capstone projects to cater for these fields of study. 

Why Do BIM with Novatr-2

The Novatr Difference 

Novatr's BIM Professional Course for Architects is more than just a simple program; it's a manifesto for change in the architectural world. Central to this transformation is Novatr's guiding philosophy of understanding that change is constant. This isn't just a slogan; it's the very essence of their commitment to innovation and excellence. Novatr's approach is dynamic and responsive, continuously updating the BIM 2.0 course to reflect the latest industry trends and technologies. Through innovative teaching methods and a curriculum designed around industry-relevant skills, Novatr nurtures pioneers who will redefine the future of architecture.

To elevate you to reach these heights, our new course also includes special quarterly Novatr Innovation Bootcamps where you will get to learn about the biggest new technologies and workflows in short sprint-based offline bootcamps with learners from other cohorts. Learning while Networking - it can’t get better than this! The top learners in each cohort will receive free complimentary access to the Innovation Bootcamps and workshops.Why Do BIM with Novatr-7

What’s New and Improved 

Our updated course is built on the back of the previous version. Where the original course laid the groundwork, this update elevates the learning experience with richer content, enhanced learning experiences, and impactful outcomes. The course now features an expanded arsenal of 18 software tools, which was seven in the previous version. This expansion not only broadens the technical skills of students but also deepens their understanding of the diverse software landscape in the industry.Why Do BIM with Novatr (1) The course will equip students with crucial skills for today’s fast-evolving architectural landscape - from hands-on experience with emerging technologies to a deep understanding of sustainable and intelligent design principles. Interactive assessments, career training sessions, and an emphasis on real-world applications ensure that the learning is not just theoretical but translates into tangible skills and knowledge.Why Do BIM with Novatr-3

This program goes beyond creating proficient architects; it aims to produce visionary thinkers and leaders who will shape the future of our built environment. That’s why our course now features multiple electives, specialisations, and capstone projects that you choose based on your aspirations, needs and field of study. 

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Beyond the Classroom - the Novatr Tribe and Network

The true power of Novatr’s course lies in its vibrant community. It’s a melting pot of learners, mentors, and industry guides, each bringing unique perspectives and insights. This rich network transcends traditional learning, offering a space where collaboration and innovation thrive. It's not merely about acquiring knowledge but building lasting connections that extend well beyond the classroom. This global community is the cornerstone of professional growth, offering endless opportunities for collaboration, mentorship, and real-world impact.

Betting Big on BIM 

When we launched our BIM Professional Course for Architects in 2021, BIM was a tool that was widely seen as the next big technological shift in the industry. The visualisation, collaborative, and information modelling benefits of BIM were going to revolutionise the AEC space much like Computer-Aided Design had done so long ago. Those architectural professionals who had the advantage of knowing these tools and workflows could stand apart from the rest of the crowd at a time when the digital revolution was just kicking off. 

But we really couldn’t have predicted just how fast the embers of the digital revolution would spread. In just three short years, BIM and its use have exploded across the globe. A decade before the initial launch of the course, just around 10 per cent of architects knew about and were actively using BIM in their projects. That number shot up to nearly 75 per cent in less than ten years. 

The industry’s intent was clear – we are betting big on BIM to solve the problems of today and build the infrastructure needed tomorrow. That’s why BIM is needed now

But, Why BIM?

BIM offers varied and cascading benefits for architecture and the AEC industry as a whole, almost sounding too good to be true... Believing that one technology (setting aside the point that BIM is not really a single piece of technology) has the potential to change so much can be a tough pill to swallow. 

However, the reason for the rapidly approaching tipping point of complete BIM adoption is the scale of benefits that it offers. BIM can not only reduce construction costs by a tenth but can also help create better budgeting for large-scale projects through information modelling. With the soaring demand for sustainable infrastructure, the imperative need to meet the United Nations climate target of keeping the temperature increase below 1.5°C by 2100 requires a transformative approach. An approach that addresses the environmental impact of the construction industry, a challenge where BIM emerges as an invincible force, standing as the beacon of change in this critical landscape. By finally inculcating mass digitisation, BIM can improve productivity by as much as 3.5x, an absurdly high amount.

BIM isn’t just unlocking the doors to a better future for the industry as a whole but at the individual level as well. BIM not only improves the career prospects of architects compared to traditional career paths but helps them break free of rote and monotonous tasks – empowering them to unleash their true creative and imaginative potential. 

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Novatr has emerged as the best choice for learning BIM in this rapidly evolving AEC industry. What makes us stand out is our commitment to staying ahead of industry trends, and that is why we have revamped our flagship BIM 2.0 course.

Our updated course goes beyond basics and covers future-forward topics like AI integration in design and 4D, 5D, and 6D modelling. With specialisations for Interior Designers, Urban Designers, and Landscape Architects, the course will cater to multiple professions as well. With an expanded arsenal of 18+ BIM software and an interactive mix of practical and soft skill training, the course is designed to help you become Professional 2.0.

As BIM is revolutionising the industry, we stand as a beacon for those seeking to evolve and improve their career trajectory. Choose Novatr to experience holistic learning and equip yourself for success in the dynamic architecture world.

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