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5 Best BIM Architecture Courses In Bangalore in 2024

Juhi Goyal

8 min read

October 27, 2023


Table of Contents

The importance of emerging technology, such as Building Information Modelling (BIM), in today's architectural community cannot be overstated. In the construction industry, BIM is on its way to becoming a standard for architectural companies looking to compete for work in the future. This blog will concentrate on BIM and its benefits. The best BIM courses in Bangalore are featured to assist you in growing your career and enhancing your abilities.

What Is BIM For Architects?

BIM is a design method that allows construction professionals to produce precise 3D visualisations of buildings or infrastructure projects. BIM is not just a suite of software but a methodology and practice. Though software forms the crucial backbone of BIM in the construction industry, other aspects of BIM include creating proper workflows, improving collaboration and more. 

BIM’s digital 3D format enables architects to develop designs quickly that may be easily updated based on customer requirements and external restrictions. BIM technologies are faster than creating 2D schematics by hand. Apart from structural schematics, designers can also use BIM tools to input performance criteria and cost data for the wall and insulation, allowing for early verification of energy-efficiency elements. 

With all of these benefits and much more, BIM is proving to be a time-saving method performance enabler. The advantages are numerous and may be utilised to reduce costs and risks, promote cooperation, and optimise the design process. It is no wonder that BIM is emerging as the key tool driving digitisation in the construction industry. 

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Benefits of BIM For Architects

Advantages of BIM for Architects

BIM is quickly becoming an essential tool in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry, helping architects, engineers, contractors, and landowners. It provides advantages such as lower project costs, better productivity, cost control, and the possibility of building lifetime management. BIM technology incorporates information and facts about building form, structure, and systems into a digital model. When finished, the model comprises exact geometry and data for use in design, procurement, fabrication, construction operations, building management, and maintenance.

1. Innovative Approach to Design

BIM is a revolutionary platform that allows architects to create detailed 3D models of buildings and their components, enabling them to convey design concepts to clients and stakeholders, promote innovative ideas, and obtain design approvals faster. BIM allows architects to explore and test different design options, make real-time changes, evaluate design consequences, and refine their designs iteratively, leading to more creative and efficient solutions. It also incorporates sustainable design principles, allowing architects to analyse and optimise energy efficiency, material usage, and environmental impact. BIM's ability to simulate performance metrics encourages the development of eco-friendly solutions. Additionally, BIM facilitates parametric modelling, allowing architects to create designs that respond dynamically to changing parameters, enabling more adaptable designs like responsive facades.

2. Technological Competency

BIM tools and software assist architects in creating exact 3D models of buildings, improving design accuracy and reducing construction-related mistakes. BIM software efficiency saves time and money. BIM has enhanced collaborative communication and coordination while reducing conflicts and redundancies. Architects may utilise this data-driven technology to make the proper judgements about sustainability, energy efficiency, and other critical elements by combining data from diverse sources. Architects can better envisage their designs and communicate their ideas to consumers and stakeholders. This results in client satisfaction and a speedier design approval process.

3. Career Advancement

BIM proficiency is a highly sought-after skill among architects, enabling them to distinguish themselves from their peers and secure higher-paying positions. This proficiency allows architects to manage BIM implementation, coordinate multidisciplinary teams, and lead projects to successful completion. Architects with a deep understanding of BIM can diversify their career paths, pursuing roles such as BIM managers, consultants, or educators. BIM proficiency is a valuable asset worldwide, allowing architects to work on international projects and collaborate with professionals from diverse cultural backgrounds.

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Best Online BIM Training Courses in Bangalore

With numerous benefits around, more and more professionals and firms are pushing for greater adoption of BIM. As BIM’s benefits become even more relevant for the changing world, countries across the globe are also swiftly moving towards making BIM mandatory for all new construction projects. As a result, the demand for architectural professionals skilled in BIM is increasing rapidly. In metro cities like Bangalore, where rapid urban development is taking place more and more BIM professionals are needed every day. Architectural professionals are preparing themselves for the future with BIM architecture courses. Here is a list of the BIM courses in Bangalore. 

1. BIM Professional Course For Architects By Novatr

BIM-A A (Intro card)-4

Duration: 6 months
Mode: Online


  • Basics of information modelling
  • Modelling parametric structure families
  • Documentation and presentation
  • BIM (Building Information Modelling) for infrastructure
  • BIM coordination and workflow
  • 4D and 5D BIM modelling 
  • Model bases clash detection and coordination

Novatr's BIM architecture course is an all-encompassing program that has been meticulously developed to meet the specific needs of architects. The purpose of this BIM architecture course is to provide learners with the necessary information and practical skills to thrive in BIM. The course is suitable for both recent graduates and experienced workers. Novatr's BIM architecture course is distinct from others because it emphasises practical training and real-life projects. It’s also taught by global industry experts with decades of experience. Taught online over with classes on the weekends, the course is a great choice for working professionals who want an online BIM course in Bangalore. On graduation, Novatr offers participants placement assistance.

2. Advanced Revit & BIM Certification Course By Kaarwan

Duration: 1-2 months

  • Introduction to BIM & Revit, Basics, Architectural & Structural Modelling
  • Site Topography, Visualisation, Solar Study, Walkthroughs, Scheduling & Cost Estimation
  • Collaborate Tab, Addins, Manage Tab, Lumion, Massing
  • Façade, Adaptive Families, Custom Families
  • Analytical Model & Energy Optimisation, MEP & Fire safety, CDE & Project Management (BIM360)
  • Point Cloud, Navisworks, Conclusion

This BIM course in Bangalore is structured to give a mix of theoretical knowledge and practical exercises that are relevant to industry projects. Experienced instructors teaching the courses have more than 25 years of experience. The objective is to educate about Revit, one of the key software in BIM.

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3. Building Information Modeling Course By Cherry Institute

Duration: 3-4 months
Mode: Online and Offline 


  • Total Station
  • AutoCAD
  • 3ds Max
  • Quantity Surveying
  • Primavera
  • Revit
  • Aecosim
  • MS projects
  • Navisworks

A BIM course at Bangalore's Cherry Institute gives students a selection of subjects and hands-on, real-time instruction. Experienced engineers who specialise in problem-solving and technical skill development teach Mechanical BIM and Electrical BIM programmes. The course is carefully designed to cover all subjects and techniques while linking students with industry expectations because BIM is in great demand in India. For individuals who complete this BIM course in Bangalore, the institute also provides employment prospects.

4. BIM Complete Course by Techno Struct Academy

Duration: 6 months
Mode: Online and Offline


  • Introduction To BIM
  • Introduction To BIM Authoring
  • BIM Architecture Design Development
  • BIM Structure Design Development
  • BIM MEP Design Development
  • Coordination and Field Management
  • Cutting-Edge Technologies in BIM

Techno Struct provides a practical and innovative academic curriculum aimed at meeting the needs of the AEC business. Techno Struct Academy offers both offline and online BIM courses in Bangalore with the course covering topics such as BIM in structural design, BIM in MEP and more. The BIM course in Bangalore from Techno Struct Academy also claims to offer one-on-one support. 

5. BIM MEP Training Course by deltaT

Duration: 3-4 months
Mode: Offline and Online


  • Basics of Modelling and Editing
  • Modelling Parametric Families
  • View Templates and Schedules
  • Designing HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing and Mechanical
  • Worksets and Worksharing
  • Quantity Management
  • Sheets and Fabrication

deltaT provides BIM Courses in Bangalore for graduates and professionals taught by experienced design experts. Their professionals have 20 years of experience in the Gulf and guide students to become experts in the field. Its courses give students job-oriented knowledge and skills, including exposure through hands-on technical workshops. It offers guidance to help build a career in the growing industry.

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BIM is a technology that lets architects create detailed 3D models of buildings, allowing them to more effectively communicate design concepts, make real-time adjustments, and optimise energy efficiency and sustainability. Embracing BIM prepares architects to succeed in a fast-changing market, making BIM education and training a good investment for architects.

Novatr provides BIM Architecture Courses In Bangalore that are taught by industry specialists with years of real-world experience. You will also be able to work on real-world projects. If you want to learn more about AEC careers and software, visit our Resources page.

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