Top 10 Firms in Pune For Your Architecture Internship

Nirupama Kannankattil

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September 13

A residential space in exposed concrete walls and timber furniture as light fills in from the glass panels
An internship is a great time to learn and explore yourself and the city around you. And internships at architecture firms in Pune may just be the right decision for you if you are a cultural enthusiast. It has all the great things in one city - amazing food, active nightlife, beautiful landscapes, nice weather, heritage buildings and so much more.
When applying, make a good architecture portfolio that best explains you and your work. Once you are ready with your portfolio, here are 10 architecture firms in Pune that do exciting and relevant works to try out for your internship!

1. CCBA Designs

white facades of Center for Life Sciences, Health and Medicine building

Center for Life Sciences, Health and Medicine by CCBA (Source:

CCBA (Christopher Charles Benninger Architects) is an architecture company in Pune mentored by Christopher Benninger and has a primary focus on planning, architecture, and design. It was founded in 1995. It was one of the top 20 finalists in Aga Khan Awards in Geneva, Switzerland, and World Architecture Awards in Berlin, Germany. Benninger is known around the world for his architecture and academic contributions. This firm is one of the most prestigious among architecture firms in Pune.

2. Studio VDGA

Office Space with Cardboard wall detail

Curving walls of honeycomb cardboard: Office designed by Studio VDGA (Source:

Next architects' office in Pune on our list combines art with architecture gracefully. Studio VDGA was established in 2004 by Deepak Guggari, together with his wife, Varsha, after working for CCBA for 6 years. This architecture firm in Pune has a range of ongoing projects, which includes hospitality (hotels & resorts), institutional, residential, corporate interiors & redevelopment projects. They aim to create timeless meaningful spaces which induce harmony, happiness & peace in the lives of the users through architecture that responds to users and context as the primary focus.

3. Space it Up

Office Space with jali wall and timber structure

Studio by the Hill by Mind Manifestation Design (Source:

Vibrant colors, intricate details, and well-designed interior and exterior spaces characterize the work of Space it Up. Founded in 2012 by Ar Chetan Lahoti with partner Ar Anand Deshmukh, who also founded Mind Manifestation Design, this interior architecture firm in Pune has expertise in diverse areas. Categories of work include commercial, institutional and residential buildings. They have been published on international platforms like Archdaily, Dezeen, Architectural Digest, Design Detail, Volume Zero, and more.

4. Studio Infinity

red arched walls inside a classroom of The Out School

The Out School designed by Studio Infinity (Source:

Founded in 2008, Studio Infinity specializes in architecture, interior design, and landscape. Partners are involved closely with architectural academic institutions through teaching and workshops. They have consciously been trying to craft a holistic practice by being selective with their work and devising the best design solution for each of them. Their user-centric design work has been recognized in regional and national forums through design awards, publications, and exhibitions.

5. PMA Madhushala

Brick parametric walls of the Red Oasis by PMA Madhushala

The Red Oasis by PMA Madhushala (Source:

Madhushala was founded by Prasanna Morey with partner Divya Jyoti. Madhushala describes itself as “an opportunity to dream and play, to discover and explore, to build and break, to share with and be inspired by each other”. The founders have a very spiritual take on their work and open-ended practice. Their work has won many awards including the coveted IIA National awards and has been published in multiple international publications. It is a reputed well-known brand among architecture firms in Pune.

6. Alok Kothari Architects

brick facade of the exterior walls with jali integrated at the Brick Abode

Brick Abode by Alok Kothari Architects (Source:

Alok Kothari Architects was founded in 2012 by Alok Kothari. After his B Arch degree, he specialized in Housing and Urbanism from London. The firm differentiates itself from other architecture firms in Pune and across India by creating spaces that are context-driven using simple, minimalist, innovative, and sustainable design ideas. Their range of work involves urban design, architecture, landscape, and interiors. They also publish research papers and blog articles on their website and have had their work featured on Archdaily.

7. Localground

Red brick columns and stone flooring of Youth Empowerment Center in Pune

Youth Empowerment Center (Source:

Localground, established by Khushru Irani, has worked on a diverse range of projects including educational spaces, campus plans for institutes and adaptive reuse projects. They are also actively involved in the social sector, working with local municipal corporations, government agencies, non-governmental organizations, and individuals to further their social agendas. Current work includes buildings for disenfranchised youth, waste management centers, and private residences.

8. Studio Hu’mane

stone facade and plants of Hermitage Retreat in twilight

Hermitage Retreat by Studio Hu’mane (Source:

Studio Hu’mane believes that “most complex and beautiful solutions are often the simplest''. They have been recipients of IIA Awards, A+D Awards, and the IIID Awards in the past 15 years of practice. The founders have a good background in education from the best schools in the country like CEPT and JJ School of Architecture. They also have experience working with some of the best architects of our times. Despite being a small architecture firm in Pune, consisting of 11-14 members across India, the studio has worked on a diverse range of projects, from residences to offices and retreats.

9. Studio Course

interior space with exposed concrete finish and wood

Penthouse Apartment in Pune by Studio Course (Source:

Studio Course describes their work as “simplistic, minimal design with careful selection of sustainable materials and precise details with local techniques”. The studio was established by Ar Kalpak Shah in 2016. He has experience working with many renowned architects like Christopher Benninger, and Bijoy Jain. Their work was featured in the prestigious Merit List in 2018 and since then won multiple awards. It is a great place to be among the architecture firms in Pune for an internship.

10. Karan Darda Architects

the exterior of the apartment block with greenery around

Goa Towers by Karan Darda Architects (Source:

The range of work involves housing, private residences, retail, office, and cultural buildings. Karan Darda had experience working with many renowned architects in India and abroad like Mindspace architects, RMA architects, and Ar. Robert Stephens. Their work was published in Dezeen, archdaily, and Elle decor.

Making an informed choice on your firm for an internship can be quite critical and will surely benefit you in the long run. Coming up with a list of firms is just the first step; now you have to choose one! Some key pointers to watch out for while interning at any architectural firm are if their work philosophy aligns with your career goals, if you are comfortable with the payment and if it is a supportive environment for your learning.

If you are otherwise looking for remote opportunities, you can find out what options you have with our blog: 5 Most In-demand Remote Architecture Internships For Students and Professionals.

For more insights on internship and career in general, head to our Resources page. Good luck!

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