5 Best Urban Design Firms in India To Work With

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May 20

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Are you an urban designer, or a fresher architect who sees yourselves as a future urbanist? Urban Design is a relatively new field in India, and it can often be hard to find jobs. If you want to know about some of the best urban design firms in India and what they’re looking for in an employee, this is the guide for you.

(Disclaimer: This list is curated for the purpose of easing your job application process and does not imply a vacancy in any firm mentioned!)

1. Oasis Designs

Map of 8 lakes in Coimbatore

Eco Restoration of 8 Lakes, Coimbatore (Source: http://oasisdesigns.org/index.asp)

This Delhi-based studio is a master-planning, architecture, and landscape design consultancy firm which focuses on creating a nature-oriented urban realm. Founded by Akash and Sujata Hingorani, Oasis aims to create new public spaces in the cities by reclaiming derelict land.

Their portfolio includes streetscapes, public plazas & parks, waterfronts, greenways design projects to establish peaceful natural experiences in bustling cities. Some of their projects include the Rajkot Greenway, Hriday - Toolkit for Amritsar, and the Streets of NMDC Smart City, New Delhi.

Who should apply?
An individual with good knowledge of sustainability in the public realm, with superb resource and time-management skills is appreciated. Strong contextual understanding and data-driven skills are also welcomed. If nature inspires your work, you should consider applying here!

2. HCP Design, Planning and Management

People milling around the edge of a canal

Himatnagar Canalfront Development, Himatnagar (Source: https://www.hcp.co.in/)

Founded by Hasmukh C. Patel, this well-known studio is located in Ahmedabad and is currently headed by Bimal Patel. With projects ranging from interior design to city planning, this firm believes in a collaborative approach between design, construction, and management professionals along with visionary leadership. Some of their works include Sabarmati Riverfront Development, Kankaria Lakefront Development, Transit-Oriented Zone in Ahmedabad, and the (in)famous Central Vista Redevelopment Project.

Who should apply?
You need to have exceptional problem-solving skills as this firm focuses on offering unique and perfect solutions for its clients. If you are a talented, enthusiastic individual with a logical and rational approach to designing, this firm is for you. Shoot your shot by applying here!

3. RMA Architects

Material palette of the community toilet block

Community Toilets for SPARC (Source: http://rmaarchitects.com/)

Rahul Mehrotra is the Principal Architect and Founder of RMA Architects with studios in both Mumbai and Boston. This studio provides expertise in recycling urban land projects along with master planning. Their portfolio includes multidisciplinary design projects like art spaces, boutiques, weekend houses, factories, social institutes, and office buildings across India.

RMA endeavors to develop and evolve culturally specific design solutions for each unique context. Hathigaon in Jaipur, Visitor’s Centre at CSMVS in Mumbai, Taj Mahal Visitor Centre (TMCC) are some of their notable projects.

Who should apply?
Since this studio works with a wide range of projects with varying scales and different user groups, good research skills are a must. Excellent communication skills will help you boost your connection among local craftsmen and contractors to gain knowledge on relevant, sustainable, and local building methods. Give it a shot by applying here!

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4. Pradeep Sachdeva Design Associates

 Elephant sculptures at The Garden of Five Senses

The Garden of 5 Senses (Source: http://www.psda.in)

Established by Pradeep Sachdeva, PSDA Studio is based in New Delhi. With a group of designers, this studio specializes in architecture, urban design, landscape, and interior design projects. Public places and hospitality being the center of focus, they aim at balancing detailed traditions of design with contemporary to create a vivid experience. Some of their famous projects include Dilli Haat INA, the Redevelopment of Chandni Chowk, and the frequented Garden of Five Senses.

Who should apply?
A creative, hardworking individual with multidisciplinary skills and an eye for detail is what they prefer at PSDA. If you are as motivated as a morning sunray, why delay? Send in an application here!

5. Shilpa Architects

 Two boats along a waterbody at Bhagaom Crematorium

Bhagoam Crematorium, Mirzapur (Source: http://shilpaarchitects.com)

Founded by Sheila Shree Prakash, this firm’s portfolio orbits around the real-estate industry. They also work in the field of green and sustainable architecture with their LEED-certified professionals. Headquartered in Chennai, their design philosophy is to work according to sustainability and constant innovative solutions. Several of their projects like New Town Master Plan & Urban Design in Dubai, Cethar Vessels, or The Shirdi Sai Baba Temple, etc. have gained national as well as international recognition.

Fun Fact: Sheila Shree Prakash is known to be the first woman in India to establish her own architectural firm, as early as 1970. Her firm Shilpa Architects and Planners was one of the first platinum-rated firms in Asia!

Who should apply?
A sustainable architecture enthusiast who can work both as a lone wolf or a team player is good to work in this firm. Time management with strong written and verbal communication skills are central requirements. Work with this empowering team by applying here!


(Source: https://www.freepik.com/)

Hope we’ve given you some direction and inspiration to go for the best! If you feel you need to upgrade based on the skills required by these firms, explore online architecture courses offered by Novatr!

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