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Letter from our CEO


The AEC industry is the backbone of economic growth for countries across the globe, especially across developing countries.

However, the existing technical education infrastructure is unable to produce professionals with the necessary industry-relevant skills needed to cope with the evolving tech trends of the industry.

Harkunwar Singh

Chief Executive Officer, Novatr

That’s the problem my co-founders and I sought to fix with Novatr. Our journey began with a simple yet profound realisation: the traditional avenues of education and career development for Architecture, Engineering and Construction professionals were stifling, and the adoption of technology needed to be boosted.

So, we dared to disrupt and set out a goal to upskill 1 million AEC professionals by 2026.

To make it happen, we envisioned a new-age learning platform that offers online cohort-based courses in AEC-relevant tech-first skills like BIM, Computational design, Construction Management, Robotic Construction and more. We moved beyond age-old curriculums and outdated tech to identify the three core principles for successful learning outcomes – habit-building, curiosity-building and confidence-building which are driven by content, personalised experience and outcomes. We are first-movers with an internationally recognised up-to-date curriculum that nets our learners across the globe an average hike of 110%. Our partnerships with NSDC and Autodesk solidify our commitment towards empowering AEC professionals in their journey.

We have built a community of global practising professionals to leverage their industry insights into a hands-on learning curriculum. We onboarded 100 global mentors and over 300 industry guides from 30+ countries. All mentors at Novatr are practising professionals working with cutting-edge technologies and the latest industry workflows. We have built close partnerships with over 300 companies working in the field of architecture, design, construction and infrastructure development. This ensures that learning outcomes are met with the career ambitions of individuals.

We are building an ecosystem of technology-based knowledge products that take professionals from the first step in their careers to where they want to be in 10 years. Our mission has resonated deeply with the AEC industry at large.

Today, Novatr is a community of 5000+ professionals who have upskilled or are upskilling with Novatr Programs. Additionally, Novatr serves over 200,000+ free users monthly.

As a business, we are a team of 200 in Novatrs, growing profitably at 15% month on month for the last 2 years. We are backed by the world’s top-most startup accelerator Y-Combinator, VC funds Powerhouse Ventures, Soma Capital, and notable angels like Amit Ranjan, Co-founder of Slideshare.

We don’t just aim to upskill for career growth but solve global challenges - improving urban infrastructure, designing sustainable solutions to support 9.7 billion lives by 2050 and boosting economic growth for developing countries with rapid infrastructure development.

Join us as we build not just a company, but a legacy that will inspire future generations.

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