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Harkunwar Singh Linkedin

Chief Executive Officer

Harkunwar Singh is the CEO of Novatr, who has been envisioning a world with better opportunities for AEC professionals since 2021.

With a vision to empower the AEC (Architectural, Engineering and Construction) industry and disrupt the design ecosystem, Harkunwar Singh started Novatr in 2021 with his co-founders Vipanchi Handa, Mehul Kumar, and Chaithanya Murali.

A second-generation architect, Harkunwar has been an educator since college, having first-hand experience teaching students and peers about prototypes and architectural models in the School of Planning & Architecture (SPA).

After he graduated from SPA, as his peers were off to work with global giants, Harkunwar decided to quit his job at an architecture startup and pursue his entrepreneurial itch. While ideating his tech startup, he started organising model-making workshops nationwide. When he started visiting multiple venues and meeting architecture grads across the country, Harkunwar felt a gap in architectural education. As 50 student workshops grew to 50+ workshops with 1000+ students, Harkunwar understood that the problem of upskilling AEC professionals was a gap that the industry was yearning for.

Harkunwar Singh is a visionary leader but also a romanticist at heart fueled with a passion for design, technology, and the future of learning. Beyond the boardroom, Harkunwar is a high jump athlete, embodying his go-getter spirit in both his professional and personal pursuits.

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