Project by

Ram Ratan

Created during

in Rhino + Grasshoper 101 Feb Cohort
by Ar. Kanwaljeet Singh

About the Project

Completion Time : 12 hrs

Brief : In today's world, with so many varied identities attached to all of us, the sense of community and oneness has taken a backseat. Behind all these masks, lies one fundamental identity of all of us, that of human beings. Hence, this pavilion is an ode to all of us. The levelled seating/relaxing created is ever-varying in height, like the topmost element acting as the lowermost in some other portion of the pavilion. This is symbolic of the 'maya' of identities we have created even though there is only one 'satya', of us being a human species, all at the same level. The use of one undivided material to cover the entire pavilion seating is done to facilitate a sense of oneness among people irrespective of social status, class, caste etc.

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